Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring 


  1. wuuunderschöön anna *-* <333

  2. wie ..wunder du bist.
    das schoen lass ich weg, das waer zu untertrieben.

  3. Oh dankeschöön. :>
    deine sind aber auch immer toll. :)

  4. the song is beautiful. and so are you. <3
    meine hübsche, inspirierende anna :)